Big Veg

in to growing big veg or just veg

welcome to some big veg

I've made this small website to give everyone a little bit more about my self, and to let you all know how this all started.

I have had a twitter A/c for about a year in 2020 and at the start of  lockdown C-19 virus I started to post a little bit on twitter, and 1 photo I posted went viral, now not knowing what was happening to my phone.

 I phoned my Nephew to ask him what was going on with my phone as it kept pinging and flashing about something on twitter, for him to say ER ER you've  gone viral with that photo. Now not knowing what he meant I had to ask and after 20 mins of him telling me a little about what it meant I finally understood. in that time my likes on my photo and followers kept going up and up.

As the week went on more and more followers kept coming and the Q’s started about my gardening what I did how I did it, what I planted ect. A few days later I posted again with another photo and again load of likes and more followers, this has happened every week I post something. Do I know why no but if I can make people happy with my posts I keep posting.

In the few months this has happened I have got followers from all over the world.

Nearly every week I get a call, email or DM from someone or company asking for interviews be that local or around the world, There are a few things going on in the back ground at the moment as well that I'm unable to tell or say about but when I can let the veg out the bag,I will put links up soon with pod casts and paper interview, as and when I can find the links if I can find the radio links as well I'll post them .


For now Cheers Gerald