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in to growing big veg or just veg

Almost my first memories as a child were helping my dad in the garden and on the allotment. I am the youngest of four brothers and we were all expected to help Dad grow the vegetables for the family. I think my love of veg growing started Dad was a very good gardener and I’ve always strived to emulate him. Sadly, Dad died when I was nineteen. 

When I left school, I became apprenticed to a butcher in Oxford for five years and then did three years as an improver. 

From the time I was five my Dad and my eldest brother would take me fishing and this became my other love. In fact, for some years I was besotted with fishing 

I got married and had my own house and garden to look after and of course always the fishing. 

My three young daughters took up plenty of my time as well. by this time, I had left butchery and was working as a Barge Controller on the river Thames I had had enough of working inside I have always loved the outdoors. As the kids grew up and money was not so tight, I went fishing home and abroad  

Unfortunately, as so often is the case my marriage finished, and I moved on to a new house and garden and always the fishing 

My partner Liz and myself have been living together for the last four years in a beautiful little village in the Cotswolds. we have been good friends for over fifty years and after her husband died in 2010, we started to see more of each other and eventually decided to move in together. We both share a love of gardening and she is the seed grower and flower person and I’m the veg man. 

After we moved here, I decided to follow another passion of mine and try to grow big veg. 

I started to talk to some big veg grower on Facebook and it was suggested I go on twitter and join like-minded people to talk about our efforts in the veg May of this year I decided to harvest a tub of Rocket potatoes the first time id ever tried growing spuds this way . I asked Liz to take some photos put them on twitter and my whole life changed 

Finally, if I may I'd like to quote Franklin D Roosevelt who said 

“A nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself. 

To all my lovely followers I say a heartfelt thank you and God bless you all 

Cheers Gerald 

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